kiss me

and tell me why

2 April 1987
acceptance, anti-oppression, anti-racism, antics, art, avocados, beauty, bed time stories, big dogs, birthdays, blankies, blues, breakfast, breaking stuff, c*uuyan, camping, campouts, canoeing, cars, chicago, city streets, classical music, clean air, climbing trees, cmwd, concerts, cons, conversation, cooking, cuddling, cyf, dance, dancing, disco in the elevata, diversity, dogs, driving, equality, faith, fall, flaming chalice, flowers, food, freedom, friends, fuuse, hip thrusts, honesty, hugs, individuality, inside jokes, jazz, just becauses, justice, killer bunnies, killerbunnies, kissing, laughing, lick, live music, love, mail, making out, marcusantics, marcusfu, marcushugs, marcusstyle, massage, meeting people, monkey ninjas, monkeys, monty python, mountains, movies, music, n64, name tags, ninjas, open minds, passion, peace, people who think, philosophy, photography, photos, piercings, pirates, pockets, puppies, puzzles, rain, rainy days, red peppers, respect, revolution, revoluution, road trips, rock, rollercoasters, sex, shinny things, showers, sleeping, snow, soccer, social action, social justice, spring, star gazing, stargazing, stars, swimming, taking pictures, tattoos, teeth brushing, the onion, thrift stores, thunderstorms, to-do lists, travel, travel buddies, traveling, trees, trips, unconditional love, uniqueness, unitarian, unitarian universalism, unitarian universalist, unitarian universalists, unitarian-universalism, unitarianism, unitarians, universalism, universalist, universalists, uu, uua, uuism, uus, walking at night, water, white out, winter, woah bam, ya, young adults, yruu